"What of thy praises can Saadi utter? The mercy of God be upon thee, O Prophet, and peace!"

Quran and Ahle Bayt<3

“When God wishes to help, He lets us weep. Wherever water flows, life flourishes, wherever tears fall, divine mercy is shown.”

—   Rumi رومی   (via bornbetweentwosigns)

(Source: al-malakut, via dhikr-fikr-himma)

“The Qur’an is [like] an ocean and that it is from Qur’an that the sciences of the ancients and the moderns branch off, just as rivers and brooks branch off from the shores of an ocean.”

-Imam Abu- Hamid Al- Ghazali

A companion of Prophet, peace  be upon him, who spent more than 10 years with him, said:

“Throughout my stay with him I never heard an indecent word from his lips and never found him rude to anyone.  He spoke very politely.  He was kind to everyone”.

Imam Hussain (AS) asked his father about the occasions the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, went out and his mode of behavior. Imam Ali (AS) replied, “The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, did not speak unless it was in respect of the concerns of people. He unified people and did not divide them.He honored the nobility from each delegation and appointed them over their people. He was cautious and guarded himself against them, however he was never discourteous and never turned his face away from them.

-Shifa Of Qadi Iyad

"Our Beloved Prophet,praise and peace be upon him, would stand in prayer so much that his feet became swollen. When he was asked why he burdened himself in such a way when Allah had already given him the status of forgiveness for past and future-wrong actions he replied, "Shouldn’t I be a grateful worshiper?"

-Shifa Of Qadi Iyad

“If you want to know your worth to Allah subhanahu ta’ala, then see what you are doing with your life.”

“Hussain taught millions of people after him that there’s only one Right choice - life with honour. The most challenging thing is to take the first step. Hussain has taken the first step.. It is now easy for us to follow.”

—  (via thelittlephilosopher)

Salam Ya Hussain

(Source: fateem-eyat, via thelittlephilosopher)

“I am the son of the one who was slaughtered in Karbala,
I am the son of the one who was lying in the desert,
I am the son of the one whose head was cut off from the nape (of the neck),
I am the son of the one who was stripped of his turban and his robe,
I am the son of the one who was thirsty until he died,
I am the son of the one who was oppressed until he passed away,
I am the son of the one whose head is on a spear and is being presented as a gift,
I am the son of the one whose women were taken as captives from Iraq to Syria,
I am the son of the one upon whom the angels in the heavens wept,
I am the son of the one for whom the jinns on earth wailed and the birds in the sky lamented..”

—   Imam Zaynul Abideen(as) in the court of Yazeed in Damascus. (via thelittlephilosopher)

(Source: ark-of-ahlulbayt, via thelittlephilosopher)

After the martyrdom of our Master Imam Hussain عليه السلام his blessed head and the heads of all those who were martyred with him were severed and thereafter sent to obaidullah, who was governer of Kufa.When the Blessed head of Imam Hussain عليه السلام was placed in front of obaidullah, he used a stick to scratch the Blessed front teeth of Imam Hussain عليه السلام. Zaid bin Arqam radi-Allah-anhu was in the gathering. Witnessing this insolent behavior, he angrily reprimanded obaidullah. “Lift the stick from these teeth” he said, I swear by the being besides whom nobody else is worthy of worship, I saw the lips of Rasulullah (sallAllaho-alaihi-wa-ala-alihi-wasallam)  touching and kissing these lips.”  

-AlBidaya Wa Nihaya

Sayyida  Salama(radi-Allah-anha) reported that she went to Sayyida Umm Salama (radi-Allah-anha)  and found her weeping. She asked her what made her weep. She said, “I saw Allah’s Messenger(sallAllaho-alaihi-wa-ala-alihi-wasallam)  in my dream. There was dust on his head and beard. I asked him, ‘What is wrong with you, 0 Messenger of Allah?’ He said, ‘I have just witnessed Husayn’s (alaihi-sallam) murder.”


-Sunan Tirmidhi